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112: Trauma to Triumph: Moving Beyond Survival with Harris Eddie Hill

Explore triumph over trauma with Harris Eddie Hill. Join the journey of healing, resilience, and meaningful living. Discover the power to thrive after adversity

Adam Latin on the Creative Nomad Show

110: The Power of Authentic Connection: A Conversation with Adam Latin

Adam Latin is an intuitive empowerment coach and communication coach. He has a loving heart and is known for being supportive. He has worked at the oldest witch shop in Salem and has experience in palm readings and card readings.

103 Transforming Lives: An Inspiring Conversation with Oracle and Shaman Heather Workman

Heather Workman is a divine being who has overcome trauma and loss, including the death of both parents and a partner. In a conversation with JP Adkins, she shares her vulnerabilities to help others know that they are not alone in their struggles. Heather emphasizes that healing is an ongoing process, and everyone gets triggered from time to time, including herself.

12 Nick Venegoni

The Creative Nomad with Nick Venegoni Why I loved this interview: Nick and I talk about trauma in the LGBTQ+ world and how to heal Bio: Nick Venegoni is a holistic coach and counselor for queer spiritual folks, offering online support to those in need of healing the wounds of homophobia. He is also the…
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