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The Creative Nomad Show with Alessa Cridi

108: Unlocking Your Creative Nomad Potential: Empowering Workday Health with Alessa Caridi

Learn how she combines ancient wisdom from Okinawa, Japan, with her anatomy-based knowledge to empower individuals worldwide. Join us on this transformative episode as Alessa uncovers her functional fitness secrets and provides practical strategies to overcome common workday challenges.

103 Transforming Lives: An Inspiring Conversation with Oracle and Shaman Heather Workman

Heather Workman is a divine being who has overcome trauma and loss, including the death of both parents and a partner. In a conversation with JP Adkins, she shares her vulnerabilities to help others know that they are not alone in their struggles. Heather emphasizes that healing is an ongoing process, and everyone gets triggered from time to time, including herself.