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The Creative Nomad Show with Alessa Cridi

108: Unlocking Your Creative Nomad Potential: Empowering Workday Health with Alessa Caridi

Learn how she combines ancient wisdom from Okinawa, Japan, with her anatomy-based knowledge to empower individuals worldwide. Join us on this transformative episode as Alessa uncovers her functional fitness secrets and provides practical strategies to overcome common workday challenges.

You can find my complete story https://www.notion.so/equipe/I-am-Pasquale-and-this-is-my-story-ebbcf260e150407eb4ccf321da59239d I grew up entertaining people, there I learned how to create connection with others around me, one of the most valuable skill I could ever learn. I studied and I study, after a degree in business in Napoli, I went to Verona for a Master in Marketing & Communication, after that I always followed online courses, newsletters, tutorial and I advice everyone to do the same. I love traveling and I always will, I spent my last 4 years working as Marketing Director for a chain of hotels and now I left that life and I am creating a startup working 100% remote that aim to help small businesses around the world. I dream to give this lifestyle

04 Pasquale Ranieri

The Creative Nomad with Pasquale Ranieri Why I loved this interview: He is such an advocate for living your true awesome life! His energy was palpable and his zest for life was contagious!