15 Natalie Mgonja

15 Natalie Mgonja

The Creative Nomad with

Natalie Mgonja

Why I loved this interview:

I absolutely love Natalie’s laid back vibe. She is so confident in herself and the world around her.


Natalie is a Tanzanian communications specialist and event planner from Tanzania. She was born in Tanzania then relocated to Long Beach, CA when she was about 7 years old and only permanently moved back to Tanzania about two years ago, after 18 years in Cali.

A lot of her work has revolved around marketing and event planning but she recently discovered that her greatest passion is event planning because she gets to enjoy the processes in organization and getting creative in all senses of the word.

She is also an aspiring actress and started courses and workshops when she was 14 years old.

Food is something that is dear to her. She really enjoys creating or recreating recipes and is working on a blog to share all her adventures with food not only in her kitchen but during her travels.

After spending 6 months living in Venice, Italy, she realized her need for frequent travel as a form of self discovery and believes it is the key for anyone to learn how to be a better citizen across the globe.

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