31 Craig & Kenya

31 Craig & Kenya

Craig and Kenya on the Creative Nomad Show

The Creative Nomad with

Craig & Kenya

Why I loved this interview:

OMG these two are so full of life and are passionate about their mission. They are a joy to talk to!


Craig and Kenya Linton are the founders of Hustling Spirit Clothing, LLC ™. A lifestyle brand whose mandate is to deliver GOD’s word to the masses through innovative designs. Igniting and inspiring individuals to passionately pursue their purpose to impact the world.

Hustling Spirit was birthed during a time when the couple was experiencing one of their lowest moments ever financially. Craig who previously was a successful real estate investor found himself in the middle of an economic depression, a crashing housing market, and left with homes with no one to purchase them. This forced Craig into bankruptcy and put him on a journey to find income and impact. After a night of crying out to God, he was awakened with a purpose and a plan. In a dream, he saw Hustling Spirit, an amazing T-shirt line that told God’s story via art. In 2012, Hustling Spirit, LLC was launched; literally going from wristbands to runways. Due to having no start-up money secondary to the bankruptcy, the first products sold were wristbands until the couple made enough money to produce their first T-shirt collection; called the Genesis Collection. Hustling Spirit became one of the community’s favorite brands and grew beyond T-shirts. It became more than a clothing brand; it became a movement. People could identify with the mission and the meaning behind it.

They could identify with themselves to being a Hustling Spirit.
Despite, the couple’s success with the community, they realized something was missing. They needed to be able to provide a service to others who also needed help starting their brand. Being reminded of the many mistakes they made and the limited information they had when they got started, they knew they needed to become a helpful resource.

The dynamic duo masterminds daily on new innovative ways to market not only their apparel business but other small businesses as well. In 2019, they launched “Project Elevation” which is a subdivision of their company that assists the branding needs of other Christian entrepreneurs.

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