54 Paul Gencarella Jr

54 Paul Gencarella Jr

The Creative Nomad with

Paul Gencarella Jr

Why I loved this interview:

Paul and I had a really deep conversation about healing from depression and finding your passion.


Paul Gencarella Jr. is a member of the NSA (National Speaker Association) He is passionate about his craft. He began as a church lector for his local parish and a former public address announcer for local football and soccer games.

He has begun as an author. His current book titles that have yet to be released are: Healthy Mindset: A Health Plan for your Brain and How Bipolar Saved My Life. Others to follow are: Using Personal Development to Rescue your Marriage, Job and Lifestyle and The Power of Having a Mentor.

Public Speaking but more importantly, Leadership began for him in 1986 when he became President of my Freshman Class in a high school where he knew very few people. That experience led him to a flourishing college career followed by leadership on several local boards.

For him, consultation as well as advice and insight on success, leadership and mindset comes only after a connection. Being able to relate to your audience and develop a sort of friendship will help to magnify your message.

He comes from the belief that it’s not what you say but how you say it. He’s been very fortunate in life to succeed with humor and lightheartedness. However, persistency and consistent effort helped form my work ethic. Therefore, his delivery is always audience based and helping them transform their lives.

He has been blessed with many diverse accomplishments in my life. When it comes to professional speaking, coaching or consulting Paul would say the relationships he has fostered have been the biggest accomplishment. However, hehas not only helped many others but have nurtured his own relationships with advisors, coaches and mentors over the years to become better every day.

He was an insurance agent for 25 years and has transitioned to a home-based enterprise consisting of affiliate marketing, life coaching and public speaking. He has worked with several local organizations. He is a past board member of the Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce, Past President of the Lions Club, Past Chairperson of the YMCA and a current Chairperson of the Supervisory Committee of the credit union in our local community.

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