41 April Gaines

41 April Gaines

The Creative Nomad with

April Gaines

Why I loved this interview:

This episode is a little different in the fact that we had a long and I believe much needed conversation about addiction. April is amazing at breaking it down in ways that I haven’t heard before.


April Gaines is a Professional Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counselor. A Certified
Advanced Alcohol and Addictions Counselor through McBap of Michigan. April has gained a
total of 18 different degrees and certificates in the mental health, substance abuse, healing and
spirituality domains. A few of these certifications include being a two times over Reiki Energy
Healing Master, an Ama Deus Energy Healer, a certificated Hypnotherapist and a certified
Auricular Acupuncturist.

April has spent the last 13 years in the field of counseling helping her clients heal from past
traumas, low self-esteem, negative thinking, false beliefs and anxiety. April’s mission began
when she had her first child wanting to stop the cycles of generational abuse in her family. The
main goal was to save her girls from having to suffer the same pain she did as a child.
April has made it her life’s mission is to help as many people as she can to develop permanent
self-esteem and inner peace through awareness. Teaching people they have innate worth,
value and purpose in this life. April has the gift of being a psychic-medium where she gets the
privilege to heal many souls, guide people in their life, and connect them to loved ones on the
other side. Everything she does is intended to heal, and spread love and light in the world.
April is a mom of five girls, a bonus mom to her niece and a grandmother of twelve grandkids
family is of vital importance. She values family, creating memories and enjoys family gatherings
and events. April has an endless love for learning and teaching, with a personable down to
earth approach to changing lives.

Recently April has decided to partially move her career online by creating mental health and
spiritual courses open to the public. Followed by serving on spiritual panels as a speaker, along
with speaking on webinars, masterminds, and podcasts. All with the intent to help heal as many
souls as she can in one lifetime.

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