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64 Jim & Rene

The Creative Nomad with Jim & Rene Why I loved this interview: It is always great to talk to other people who have taken thier passion and creating their life around it. Not to mention fellow nomads! Bio: Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano bought an RV in 2007 to travel with their dog Jerry after…
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Craig and Kenya on the Creative Nomad Show

31 Craig & Kenya

The Creative Nomad with Craig & Kenya Why I loved this interview: OMG these two are so full of life and are passionate about their mission. They are a joy to talk to! Bio: Craig and Kenya Linton are the founders of Hustling Spirit Clothing, LLC ™. A lifestyle brand whose mandate is to deliver…
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You can find my complete story https://www.notion.so/equipe/I-am-Pasquale-and-this-is-my-story-ebbcf260e150407eb4ccf321da59239d I grew up entertaining people, there I learned how to create connection with others around me, one of the most valuable skill I could ever learn. I studied and I study, after a degree in business in Napoli, I went to Verona for a Master in Marketing & Communication, after that I always followed online courses, newsletters, tutorial and I advice everyone to do the same. I love traveling and I always will, I spent my last 4 years working as Marketing Director for a chain of hotels and now I left that life and I am creating a startup working 100% remote that aim to help small businesses around the world. I dream to give this lifestyle

04 Pasquale Ranieri

The Creative Nomad with Pasquale Ranieri Why I loved this interview: He is such an advocate for living your true awesome life! His energy was palpable and his zest for life was contagious!