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The Creative Nomad Show with Keyla Mercader

50 Keyla Mercader

The Creative Nomad with Keyla Mercader Why I loved this interview: Keyla’s mission to have people love themselves so that they can love others had me basking in her radiance. Bio: Keyla is the self love coach!!! She helps women that feel that they are fighting against the mirror and socially accepted guidelines to break…
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43 Malcolm Evans

The Creative Nomad with Malcolm Evans Why I loved this interview: Malcolm has been all over the world, moved across the pond twice, and still has a great way of connecting with people. Bio: Malcolm is a nomad – Originally from Wales UK – Left at the age of 24 to experience living in another…
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39 John Bates

The Creative Nomad with John Bates Why I loved this interview: John is such an inspirational young man. I wish I had it as put together as he is when I was his age. Bio: John helps young men become their authentic self! Get to Know Them At:     

35 Carol Boston

The Creative Nomad with Carol Boston Why I loved this interview: Carol is a treat to talk to! Her energy (even when mine wasn’t as there as I wanted it) was contageous! Bio: Carol Boston is An International Best-Selling Author An Award-Winning Speaker A Business Leadership Coach Carol Boston is known as the Queen of…
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34 Michelle Forsyth

The Creative Nomad with Michelle Forsyth Why I loved this interview: Michelle is really honest about her journey from corporate to where she is today. Bio: Michelle Forsyth is a bestselling author, speaker, and author/productivity coach who teaches women how to find and share their voices with the world. After more than 15 years of…
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28 Kevin DuBose

The Creative Nomad with Kevin DuBose Bio: Kevin has been fully submerged in the video world for quite some time now. It started out for fun wanting to do some travel vlogs, but then he started actually getting paid to do it, which was pretty cool! After a while, he realized clients are kind of…
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14 Kirby Ingles

The Creative Nomad Show with Kirby Ingles Why I loved this interview: Kirby was such a pleasure to talk to and his stand for changing the conversation around fatherless men from what is wrong with with them to what is right. Bio: Kirby Ingles is a Leadership and Transformation Coach who has been working with…
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