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So this is a special edition of the creative nomad Show with your host JP Adkins

81 Special Edition of the Creative Nomad Show

Welcome to the Creative Nomad Show With Your Host JP Adkins About your Host: Jeff is a Productivity expert, Jedi Cleric, clothing designer, author, speaker, and Host of the Creative Nomad Show. He has worked with multiple international best-selling authors, artists, coaches, and Fortune 500 companies to create brands, grow sales, and create systems and…
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Creative Nomad Show with Special Guest Darla Williams

79 Darla Williams

Welcome to the Creative Nomad Show With Special Guest Darla Williams A little about Darla Williams This is Darla R Williams 2x published children’s Author / Illustrator and Life Coach / Mentor to walk with you in The Art of Learning Self Love. Love begins within not from without. Get to know them at these…
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60 Jimi Fritz

The Creative Nomad with Jimi Friz Why I loved this interview: Jimi is a legend. Our frank talk about psychedelics was one of the high points of my life! Bio: Recently published, Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer, a psychedelic travelogue and memoir, is a witty and enlightening treatise on the responsible use of psychedelics…
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58 George Sirois

The Creative Nomad with George Sirois Bio: George Sirois is the author of the international bestselling novel Excelsior and its two sequels. He served as President of the Missouri Writers Guild from 2017-2018, and is the host and producer of the podcast Excelsior Journeys, part of the Winding Trails Media Podcasting Network. He is also…
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35 Carol Boston

The Creative Nomad with Carol Boston Why I loved this interview: Carol is a treat to talk to! Her energy (even when mine wasn’t as there as I wanted it) was contageous! Bio: Carol Boston is An International Best-Selling Author An Award-Winning Speaker A Business Leadership Coach Carol Boston is known as the Queen of…
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34 Michelle Forsyth

The Creative Nomad with Michelle Forsyth Why I loved this interview: Michelle is really honest about her journey from corporate to where she is today. Bio: Michelle Forsyth is a bestselling author, speaker, and author/productivity coach who teaches women how to find and share their voices with the world. After more than 15 years of…
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