26 Michael Fekry

The Creative Nomad with Michael Fekry Bio: Life CoaLife Coach / Corporate Trainer Certified Happiness Coach NLP & CBT Practitioner Michael has an engineering background with 14 years of experience in the Construction and Real Estate industry, Currently Holding the position of Facility Manager at Mountain View for Real Estate. Holding Master degree in Business…
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25 Gareth Rafferty

The Creative Nomad with Gareth Rafferty Bio: Garreth helps coaches share their positivity to the world by helping them build a personal brand and grow their business on LinkedIn. Get to Know Them At:     

the creative nomad show with Kimberly Cloud

24 Kimberly Cloud

The Creative Nomad with Kimberly Cloud Bio: Kimberly is a 36-year-old veteran who has three kids and still has time to run two successful businesses. Get to Know Her At:     

23 Shena Vollmerhausen

The Creative Nomad with Sheena Vollmerhausen Bio: I am a multi 7 figure business founder and owner. I focus now on helping other businesses achieve 7 figure success by overcoming overwhelm, fixing their finances, and exploding their profits! Get to Know Them At:     

22 Becket Arnold

The Creative Nomad with Becket Arnold Bio: Beckett Arnold is a designer and entertainment professional with over a decade of experience in different facets of the entertainment industry, and a web designer of 10 years. Her web design agency services ambitious entrepreneurs of all stripes who want to skyrocket their business with their website, using…
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21 Sam Mitchell

The Creative Nomad with Sam Mitchell Why I loved this interview: Sam is such an inspiration! He doesn’t let autism define him and helps educate laymen like me what it is like with a different operating system. Bio: Sam is a senior in high school and created and host a podcast called Autism Rocks and…
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20 Brent Seth

The Creative Nomad with Brent Seth Why I loved this interview: Brent is hilarious to talk to and a creative genius. Bio: Brent D. Seth is an independent Author in the realm of science fiction and comedy. His first novel, Short Fuse released in 2015, followed by a collection of short stories, and most recently…
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19 Kristoffer Gair

The Creative Nomad with Kristoffer Gair Why I loved this interview: Kristoffer is an amazing author, funny conversationalist, and one of my best friends! You never know what will come out of our mouths. Bio: Kristoffer Gair (who formerly wrote under the pseudonym Kage Alan) is the Detroit-based author of Honor Unbound, A Funny Thing…
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18 Krista Fee

The Creative Nomad with Krista Fee Why I loved this interview: Krista is engaging and truly made my heart sing! Bio: Nationally recognized, published author, speaker, trauma specialized transformational coach with over 46 certifications in alternative fitness, nutrition, neuropsychology, psychology, ancestral wisdom practices, eastern holistic, hypnotherapy, behavioral, and mindset modalities. Professional circus performer and instructor:…
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17 Leslie Gaudet

The Creative Nomad with Leslie Gaudet Why I loved this interview: Leslie’s zest for life is contagious!!! No matter what is going on she has a way to brighten anyone’s day. Bio: As a Life Coach, I empower women by helping them achieve self-awareness around their emotional triggers so they can lessen their stress and…
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