77 Kyla Wolf

77 Kyla Wolf

The Creative Nomad Show with Kyla Wolf

Welcome to the Creative Nomad Show

With Special Guest

Kyla Wolf

A Little About Kyla:

Kayla is a mental health professional who has work experience in hospital settings, case management, and working with children on the autism spectrum. Kayla decided that she would like to work on becoming a life coach and public speaker to help college students and young adults who feel stuck in their everyday life; whether this be with their mental health, physical health, or relationships.

Kayla currently has a puppy who is almost two and enjoys going hiking and on adventures. She also enjoys, meditation, yoga, and exercising. Kayla is looking to give back to her community and become that mentor for others that she wishes she had during hard times of her life.

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About your host:

Jeff is a Productivity expert, Jedi Cleric, clothing designer, author, speaker, and Host of the Creative Nomad Show. He has worked with multiple international best-selling authors, artists, coaches, and Fortune 500 companies to create brands, grow sales, and create systems and processes that allow for more productivity, freedom, and ease.

He is currently living in a 1993 Tioga Montara with his young puppies, Prince Rupert & Prince Fredrick, so that he can live more intentionally, see beautiful places, and show others that you can live your true awesome life no matter what that looks like.

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