60 Jimi Fritz

60 Jimi Fritz

The Creative Nomad with

Jimi Friz

Why I loved this interview:

Jimi is a legend. Our frank talk about psychedelics was one of the high points of my life!


Recently published, Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer, a psychedelic travelogue and memoir, is a witty and enlightening treatise on the responsible use of psychedelics told through the lens of a fifty year journey with buying, selling, and consuming psychedelic drugs. It is also about the value of free-thought, critical thinking and rationality.

Jimi Fritz takes us on a journey both geographical and philosophical, while sharing a half-century of adventures in buying, selling and consuming psychedelic drugs. Along the way we learn the difference between smart drugs and dumb drugs, the truth about religion, and how to make a perfect cup of tea.

The author, Jimi Fritz describes himself as heterodoxical polemicist, a sceptical iconoclastic, an antitheist, an aficionado of Stoicism, and a hell of a funny guy.

As a musician with five albums, a filmmaker, writer and world traveler, Jimi Fritz has led the ultimate alternative lifestyle. He has also authored a book on rave culture entitled, Rave Culture, an insider’s overview.

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