55 Laura de Sans

55 Laura de Sans

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Laura de Sans

Why I loved this interview:

Our conversation on health and wellness both mentally and physically was completely timely (which is why I bumped it to this wee).


Laura is passionate about nutrition and mental health. After 15 years working as a family physician; Laura has seen a lot of patients struggling with their weight.

Patients who have tried all kind of diets, without achieving lasting weight loss.

Do you want to know the truth?

Only 4% of the people who lose weight reach to maintain it in a long-term.

A paradigm’s shift is necessary in the weight loss industry.

Our body is very complex and so are our minds. There are many factors influencing our weight.

We can not control all these factors, but we can learn how to put them on our behalf.

Lasting weight loss goes beyond calories in & calories out. The art of managing our minds and our feelings is the key to lasting weight loss or whatever lasting change you desire.

Laura help female entrepreneurs have healthier lives, feel better with themselves & in their bodies, live better lives and, ultimately, lose weight permanently (which it ended up being the by product of this process).

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