52 Merle Liivand AKA Mermaid

52 Merle Liivand AKA Mermaid

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Merle Liivand AKA Mermaid

Why I loved this interview:

Not only is Mermaid one of the most inspiring people I have ever met, she gave super practical advice on what we can do to save the oceans. (That has nothing to do with stop using plastic)


Merle Liivand is a national Estonian competitive swimmer, Model, aquapreneur, SWIMERA CEO, AMBASSADOR, Triathlete, International Spokesperson, and open water swimmer from Tallinn, Estonia. She is known mostly as a MODERN DAY LIFE MERMAID and ICE Princess who never stops exploring life and passion towards to WATER WORLD.

She works with many successful brands like FINIS, TRISWIM, VIKING BEAUTY SECRETS. She has featured in many Swimming technical videos like Goswim.tv, Swimspire, and USA Swimming.

In 2019 NBC tv named here “Woman who are Making a Difference ” tv segment. She has been featured: “Good Morning America”, Telemundo, NBC 6, The Huffington Post, CNN, Fox News, Reuters. Her company Swimera also sponsors Estonian Paralympic Swimmers.

Merle Liivand broke her own world record by completing a 30 km Mermaid Swim in 9 hours 19 minutes on April 17th in the choppy waters of Miami Beach, Florida. It was her third consecutive GUINNESS record-setting swim after her initial 10 km Mermaid Swim in Redondo Beach, California in 2 hours 54 minutes in 2019 and her 6 hours 8 minute 20.6 km Mermaid Swim in South Point Park Pier in Miami in 2020.

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