43 Malcolm Evans

43 Malcolm Evans

The Creative Nomad with

Malcolm Evans

Why I loved this interview:

Malcolm has been all over the world, moved across the pond twice, and still has a great way of connecting with people.


Malcolm is a nomad – Originally from Wales UK – Left at the age of 24 to experience living in another country. Returning in 1996 he stayed long enough to be affected by the weather. came to the US in 2001 Malcolm is now done with the corporate career, “Done the Atlantic move 3 times with 3 separate companies, I think I am qualified as a change manager.” Started his coaching and development consultancy in 2013. He now works with budding business builders to build their dreams into revenue streams.”Self-reliance is not dead it just took a nap. The last few years have awoken people to the world of becoming an entrepreneur, not always out of choice..”

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