Month: December 2021

54 Paul Gencarella Jr

The Creative Nomad with Paul Gencarella Jr Why I loved this interview: Paul and I had a really deep conversation about healing from depression and finding your passion. Bio: Paul Gencarella Jr. is a member of the NSA (National Speaker Association) He is passionate about his craft. He began as a church lector for his…
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53 Sam Castle

The Creative Nomad with Sam Castle Why I loved this interview: Sam and I had an amazing (albeit longer) conversation about mental health and our thoughts around being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Bio: Sam Castle is one of the new life Coaches you should watch. He reminds us that we are human beings…
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52 Merle Liivand AKA Mermaid

The Creative Nomad with Merle Liivand AKA Mermaid Why I loved this interview: Not only is Mermaid one of the most inspiring people I have ever met, she gave super practical advice on what we can do to save the oceans. (That has nothing to do with stop using plastic) Bio: Merle Liivand is a…
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