Month: November 2021

51 Don Owens

The Creative Nomad with Don Owens Why I loved this interview: Don saw that he might have the answer to one of the world’s biggest issues and knew he had to let others know about it. Bio: Don Owens, a leading authority in hydrogen combustion and energy technology, has written Burn Fuel Better: From Helpless…
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The Creative Nomad Show with Keyla Mercader

50 Keyla Mercader

The Creative Nomad with Keyla Mercader Why I loved this interview: Keyla’s mission to have people love themselves so that they can love others had me basking in her radiance. Bio: Keyla is the self love coach!!! She helps women that feel that they are fighting against the mirror and socially accepted guidelines to break…
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49 Emmanuel Aginam

The Creative Nomad with Emmanuel Aginam Why I loved this interview: Emmanuel is an inspiration to those who may not come from much being able to overcome all odds to live their true awesome life! Bio: Emmanuel is an email copywriter that helps you with emails that would make your subscribers want to enroll in…
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