Month: September 2021

47 Ashley Holmes

The Creative Nomad with Ashley Holmes Why I loved this interview: Hearing her fertility story and how she helps women conceive holistically was eye opening. Bio: I am a Holistic Fertility Coach. I help women struggling with infertility who have tried multiple rounds of IVF or traditional medical intervention to get pregnant naturally. Yoga and…
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46 Dua Fakhereddin

The Creative Nomad with Dua Fakhereddin Why I loved this interview: I learned so much about ease and bravery from Dua. I know that you will too. Bio: I’m an Author, Network Marketing Business Coach and an online business owner in the beauty industry based in Melbourne, Australia Get to Know Them At:     

45 Amy Charland

The Creative Nomad with Amy Charland Why I loved this interview: Amy and I “met” while watching Carol’s Craft Cocktails. See if we kept it clearn! Bio: Amy Charland works with high-achieving leaders who wake up dreading the day. They live in a constate of stress but deeply desire more control over their life and…
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