Month: May 2021

36 Denken Tan

The Creative Nomad with Denken Tan Why I loved this interview: Denken’s is really a story of overcoming your obstacles and becoming a master! Bio: I am business sale coach that helps business owners to close more sales in less time, double their income, know why clients buy in a nanosecond. Get to Know Them…
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35 Carol Boston

The Creative Nomad with Carol Boston Why I loved this interview: Carol is a treat to talk to! Her energy (even when mine wasn’t as there as I wanted it) was contageous! Bio: Carol Boston is An International Best-Selling Author An Award-Winning Speaker A Business Leadership Coach Carol Boston is known as the Queen of…
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34 Michelle Forsyth

The Creative Nomad with Michelle Forsyth Why I loved this interview: Michelle is really honest about her journey from corporate to where she is today. Bio: Michelle Forsyth is a bestselling author, speaker, and author/productivity coach who teaches women how to find and share their voices with the world. After more than 15 years of…
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