Month: January 2021

23 Shena Vollmerhausen

The Creative Nomad with Sheena Vollmerhausen Bio: I am a multi 7 figure business founder and owner. I focus now on helping other businesses achieve 7 figure success by overcoming overwhelm, fixing their finances, and exploding their profits! Get to Know Them At:     

22 Becket Arnold

The Creative Nomad with Becket Arnold Bio: Beckett Arnold is a designer and entertainment professional with over a decade of experience in different facets of the entertainment industry, and a web designer of 10 years. Her web design agency services ambitious entrepreneurs of all stripes who want to skyrocket their business with their website, using…
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21 Sam Mitchell

The Creative Nomad with Sam Mitchell Why I loved this interview: Sam is such an inspiration! He doesn’t let autism define him and helps educate laymen like me what it is like with a different operating system. Bio: Sam is a senior in high school and created and host a podcast called Autism Rocks and…
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