103 Transforming Lives: An Inspiring Conversation with Oracle and Shaman Heather Workman

103 Transforming Lives: An Inspiring Conversation with Oracle and Shaman Heather Workman

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With Special Guest Heather Workman

Transforming Lives: An Inspiring Conversation with Oracle and Shaman Heather Workman

Heather Workman is a divine being who has overcome trauma and loss, including the death of both parents and a partner. In a conversation with JP Adkins, she shares her vulnerabilities to help others know that they are not alone in their struggles. Heather emphasizes that healing is an ongoing process, and everyone gets triggered from time to time, including herself.

JP and Heather delve into the topic of emotions and triggers, discussing the importance of being self-aware and recognizing what triggers certain emotions. They talk about how older generations were taught to suppress their emotions, leading to physical health issues. The conversation highlights the importance of being aware of one’s emotions and triggers and dealing with them in a healthy manner.

Heather bravely shares her journey with various mental health conditions, including fibromyalgia, complex PTSD, OCD, depression due to chronic pain, and ADHD. She explains that as an adult, hyperactivity is no longer an issue for her, but she still struggles with acknowledging and processing her emotions.

The conversation revolves around grief and the misconception that it follows a set pattern, with stages that lead to eventual closure. Heather reveals that she lost her mother when she was young and continues to feel the effects of that loss every day. She talks about the inadequate timelines we impose on ourselves to process grief, such as drinking for a month and a half or sitting shiva for seven days.

Heather emphasizes the importance of acknowledging triggers and exploring the reasons behind them, which allows one to change their thought process and move forward. The conversation ends with the realization that grief never goes away, and the key is to learn to live with it and accept it as part of the human experience.

Through her own experiences, Heather inspires listeners to start their own journey towards living their true, awesome life by visiting TrueawesomeLife.com. Her message is clear: accept yourself and your emotions, acknowledge your triggers, and take the time to process them in a healthy way.

About Heather:

Hey there, all you gorgeous beings out there! Meet Heather Workman, the kickass owner and operator of Living Oracle Wellness. She’s a Shaman, Oracle, and Spiritual Healer who’s on a mission to empower amazing women (and some good men too!) who’ve been taking care of others for so long that they’ve forgotten to take care of themselves.

Heather’s all about helping you release the energy attached to trauma & life experiences that no longer serve you so you can finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you want to fall in love with yourself, feel comfortable in your own skin again, or just create your own damn destiny, she’s got your back.

Trust us, this is the kind of journey you won’t want to miss!

About Your Host, JP Adkins

Jeff describes himself as a Divine Space anchored by his in-breath and solidified by all other sparks of the Divine. He is a loving, compassionate, and powerful leader who is creating a truly awesome life not only for myself but for those in my sphere of influence. He is an instrument of peace in the perceived chaos. He is a resilient adventurer who chooses to love his life, be the dominant creator, and live in his purpose with health and vitality.

Some of the labels that have been used to describe him are productivity expert, systems specialist, Jedi Cleric, clothing designer, author, speaker, and host of the Creative Nomad Show, and the Fabulous One!

He now assists fabulous authors, artists, speakers, and coaches who are sick of being super-stressed, spiritually exhausted, and over-committed – launch their movements without struggling with the tech stuff.

He is also in the process of creating the Orange Dragonfly Transformational Center and Temple of Jediism which he says is going to be a cross between an RV park and summer camp where people will come to balance their mind, body, spirit, and business.


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