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Why I loved this interview:

Vision has seen many different successes, and failures. Yet, he keeps going back and wants to help others.


Over the years, I have worked as a mortgage broker, retail sales manager, and business owner. This eclectic mix of roles gives me well-rounded perspective on how to maximize productivity.

As an entrepreneur with over eight years of experience marketing via social media, I understand what it takes to meet the needs of targeted audiences and how to utilize feedback to conduct new digital campaigns.

I have a thorough understanding of what it takes to thrive in the various social media environments. Platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are where my efforts have been most effective.

My exceptional written communication skills have allowed me to craft clever tweets and posts that have successfully received much engagement and responses.

I have also worked with tools such as Later and Hootsuite. Consistency is a key ingredient in managing a content schedule. In addition, I have worked with social media analytics tools such as Instamate to create my own hashtag strategies.

I am proficient in analyzing Twitter and Facebook data sets and semantics. This enables me to interpret and devise comprehensive solutions from these sets of data in order to successfully strategize for new social media campaigns.

Most recently, I have been using my talents to help individuals find turn their passions into rewarding careers. I’m currently working on a brand new boutique gig platform that will match newbie remote workers with industry experts in real-time.


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